El Caminito del Rey

From the environment around us, we highlight El Caminito del Rey, an air path built in the walls of the Gorge of the Gaitanes in El Chorro (Alora, Málaga). It is a path with a length of 3 km., which has long stretches and a width of only 1m. This road is hanging on the vertical walls of the gorge and at an average altitude of 100 m. over the river. This trail was built because the Hydroelectric Society of El Chorro, owner of the the Gaitenajo and El Chorro cascades, needed access between the two “waterfalls” to facilitate the passage of both maintenance workers and transportation of materials and its surveillance. Work began in 1901 and concluded in 1905. The trail started alongisde the train tracks and ran the Los Gaitanes defile, communicating and facilitating the passage between the two sides.
To inaugurate this great work, in 1921, King Alfonso XIII moved to the place at the Conde del Guadalhorce dam, crossing the previously constructed for this purpose way. It was from this time that people began to call on that road as Caminito del Rey (King’s Path), a name that remains today.


In contact with nature

All kind of activities related to Nature can be practiced here, and one in particular that you can hire with us is tandem paragliding with a qualified pilot as our zone is one of the best in Andalusia for practicing this fascinating sport; then others such as hiking, climbing, mountaineering, cycling.

Our houses are located geographically close to the Sierra Huma, with a height of 1181 meters. From the top you can see the entire Valley of Abdalajis, the Vega del Guadalhorce and the dam of El Chorro, besides the impressive Gorge of the Gaitanes, with its vertical walls. All this, accompanied by representatives of the animal world as griffon vultures and the undisputed queen of the area, the Spanish ibex.
We have several paths to traverse the Sierra Huma, such as a section between the Gaitanejo and the Caminito del Rey, that has an extension of 5km to the Los Gaitanes defile.
Another route of medium difficulty is the one that takes us from El Chorro to the top, has a duration of about 5 hours round trip and the ramp is more than 900 m.

We also offer the possibility of hiring the help of a walker guide for hiking in the area of the Caminito del Rey and Sierra Huma and climb to the top of it, with the posibility of finding fossil ammonites: a marine life cephalopods, like squids, with a spiral shell. In fact, their presence proves that the Sierra Huma was a marine plain in the Cretaceous era, which was then raised to high altitude by collisions of tectonic plates.
The Sierra Huma is one of the most beautiful parts of Málaga, has a limestone landscape that surprises with its stunning gorges and walls.